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Off The Beaten Path Podcast – Living a life you WANT instead of what you've been told you want

Off The Beaten Path

Living a life you WANT instead of what you've been told you want

Off The Beaten Path Podcast


Tell me if this is you: You’re living a life that bores you. You wake up every morning still tired and just wishing for any ounce of excitement to come up during the day. You want to be traveling and exploring and doing all of the stuff you admire others for doing. You want to be able to drop everything and fly across the world at the drop of a hat just because you felt an urge. You’re tired of feeling like your life has to be what society expects it to be. This is me too. I’m not there yet but I’m hoping that, together, we can get to there. If you are interested, keep reading or just jump on over and check out the podcast!

I’ve spent almost 30 years of life going through varying degrees of what society demands. I had a wife, 2 cars, pets, a house, a mountain of debt… then everything fell apart. I got divorced. I was left with all of the responsibility and I was left to deal all the debt on my own.

I spent almost 2 years laying around wishing things had gone differently. Wishing I had spent less… Wishing that I hadn’t hurried up and bought a house.. Wishing that I hadn’t bought new cars every couple years and ended up owing way more than my car is worth… Truth is, I’m not out of this situation yet but wishing and reliving the past over and over hasn’t helped.

When I tell people about my situation they liken it to the American Dream and suggest ways for me to get back to that dream. I don’t want that dream. My guess is, since you’re checking out this podcast, you don’t either.

If you’re like me, you want to live a life full of travel and interesting experiences. You want to enjoy the world as it is, and have the time to do so at your leisure. You want to be free to make a move that you want when you want it and not living in a cage built out of debt and fear of what will happen.

As I’ve said, I’m not there yet. But I’m hoping we can learn together and that I can give you some useful pointers along the way. I’ve managed to claw myself out of that constant depression with some stuff that you’ll hear about in the podcast and I’m working on turning my life around.

See, the American Dream (maybe I’m using that wrong?) isn’t all it’s touted to be. A big house with a white picket fence, 2 cars in garages, a wife and 2.5 kids, dogs and cats. What that is to me is a jail cell.

Yes, I want to have a family.

Yes, I love my pets.

But what this “dream” doesn’t talk about is the downside to the rest of it. The fact that, with the purchase of a house, you’ve just committed to staying in one place for at least a decade. With the purchase of a brand new car you are committing to keeping that car for at least half of the term of your loan before you even have a chance of redeeming what you’ve put into it. The downside of all of this is, you can’t make moves in your life and explore it the way you desire. You’re trapped. What if you can’t afford your mortgage? What if you can’t afford your car payment? What if your car breaks down?

Again, if you’re like me, that’s not what you want. You want to experience everything you can before you die. You don’t want to spend your whole life living in one place, working in one career and constantly admiring stories of the people who have traveled and experienced skydiving and white water rafting and camping in the woods and so much else. You don’t believe life is meant to be lived in a stagnant state just waiting until you turn 65 and can retire after spending all of the years, when you could have been enjoying life, saving so that you have money when you are too old to get up.

What I hope to accomplish with this podcast is

to offer you raw stories of the mistakes I’ve made along the way to help you avoid these mistakes.

I hope to offer tips and tricks and advice to not make the mistakes I’ve made.

I hope to motivate you to understand that your life can be different! Not because you’ve made enough money and not because you’ve gotten lucky and gotten rich but because you set out with the goal of living like you want and were willing to sacrifice the American Dream to achieve it.

I hope also to interview people who have achieved similar so that we can all learn something from them.

Ultimately, I hope that every time you listen you leave feeling like you have a bit more direction to getting the life you want. I hope that, when you’ve listened to an episode, you walk away motivated to push forward to achieve the life that you want!